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Pricing & Parking

Admission to  our theater is just $10 dollars per person whether you stay for one or both features. Children under 12 always get in free!  Tickets are only sold at the box office for that evening's program. The box office opens at 7pm.

We ask that you do not bring in outside food and drink. As you may know, movie studios take a large portion of our box office sales. We can only remain in business because of our snack bar sales.

We park vehicles according to height; cars park together, mini vans park together and the tallest vehicles must park in the back. We park vehicles in this fashion to ensure that everyone can see our giant screen. We strongly recommend carpooling . Box office staff will provide you with a color-coded parking stub and tickets to place on your dash. You must park in your designated  area. You will know you're in the right area because the pole you park next to will have a stripe that matches your stub.  Our parking attendants  & management may modify policies under varying conditions. 

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